Your body is not a problem to be fixed.

Pardon my directness, but it needs to be said. 

I understand that accepting your body can feel hard...

  • when looking in the mirror seeing this or that flaw,
  • when comparing yourself to other women (or yourself from a year or five years ago) and,
  • when again, you failed to lose the weight and keep it off. 

My mission is to help you begin to dismantle this belief; to come alongside you in rewiring the habits and practices that are bringing you down, and develop new ways of being that allow the confident, beautiful, and amazing woman you are to fully shine through!

These new ways: 

  • are countercultural,
  • will flip the script and,
  • will absolutely change everything.

So are you ready to take your body off of your “to-do list” and start appreciating it? I thought so!

Prior to working with Kristina I was experiencing symptoms of anxiety and displeasure with my body image and relationship to self. Working with Kristina helped me feel more empowered, and allowed me to go deeper into self-care and self-acceptance. Each session was an invitation to uncover and fold back layers to look at the root causes of my feelings and to see what was driving my behaviour. Kristina is such a competent, knowledgeable, and compassionate individual and someone who has done the work herself, and is therefore able to provide incredible insight and support. She has provided me with clarity and such empowering forward motion. I’m deeply grateful and highly recommend her services to others!
— Kim