I know that’s direct, but it needs to be said.

And I understand that most of the time it feels like the opposite…

  • when you look in the mirror and see stomach rolls you don’t like.

  • when you compare yourself to your thin friends (or your thinner self from five years ago).

  • when family members comment on your eating, insinuating you should eat less.

  • when you worked so hard to lose the weight, only for it to creep back on.

  • when your doctor tells you weight loss is the only way to health.

  • when it feels like you’re only seen for your body, and not who you are as a whole person...

I get it. It’s hard, and it’s painful. Weight loss and dieting can seem like the only way to live a life where you feel ok about yourself and accepted by others.

But i’m here to tell you, it’s not.

I’m Kristina Bruce - Certified body trust® Provider and Integrative Life Coach. I’m here to help you navigate your way back from body dissatisfaction, towards body acceptance and body trust.

Without dieting. Without having to lose weight. Without thinking you need to look or be any different than you are.

You deserve to live your life on your own terms, in the body that you have.

This is countercultural.

It flips the script.

And it will absolutely change everything.

Are you ready to take your body off of your “to-do list” and start appreciating and loving it?

Click below and download your free Body Acceptance Jump Start Guide to begin.

A whole new world awaits. (And it doesn’t require a whole new body.)