“If I were thinner, I’d be happier.”

It’s a remarkably common thought, belief, lie.

I’m betting these experiences are all too familiar as well:

  • Trying every diet, (or "lifestyle"), and exercise program out there

  • Comparing your body to other others (or worse, comparing yourself to how you looked before)

  • Feeling lost and confused about what you "should" and "shoudn't" eat

  • Hearing about the "war on obesity" blasted in the media so naturally, fearing weight gain

  • And of course, that voice inside your head when you stand in front the mirror running a list of your flaws and things you can “improve upon”

All of this – Wears. You. Down. (Not to mention steals your joy.)

The desire to lose weight, keep it off, and be healthy, is like a constant hum of stress under the surface of life. 

And the reality is, life is happening now. You know, that beautiful, precious, fleeting life you’ve got? That one.

That’s why I offer one-on-one personal coaching— to help you walk away from the hell that is body-dissatisfaction, and finally feel at home and confident in your body, regardless of what the scale says.


Coaching Package:

Six (6) personal coaching sessions

  • 1.5 hour initial session - so we can lay the groundwork and get clear on what’s most important to you.

  • Five, 1 hour weekly sessions - to really dive into the work and start making some positive shifts. Sessions are once a week to keep the focus and momentum going.

  • Email support in-between sessions - because stuff comes up and not always on coaching days! I’ll be available to you for extra support in-between sessions.

Investment: $850 (CAD dollars) See payment plans in FAQs.


And believe me, I get it. My desire to be thin and stay that way used to rule my life.

At my worst I would weigh myself every day. When the number went down, I was happy, and when it went up, I was crushed. The quality of my whole day was determined by a number on the scale, and it sucked.

Finally I said "enough!" I got rid of the scale and worked my way towards a better relationship with food and my body. A relationship that wasn’t dictated by my weight or fear of eating the "wrong" foods. 

Today, as a Certified Integrative Life Coach, I have the tools to support you in this liberating journey and I cannot wait to help you get there. 

It can be hard to go it alone…

It can be triggering to hear messages from family, friends, and the media about our bodies and our worth...

It can be discouraging to hear colleagues talk about their latest diet or exercise program…

This coaching is a gentle yet powerful answer to that. It is here to usher you into the incredible world of peace, health, happiness, and body acceptance. It’s not just a relief, it’s a revolution.

Want to find out if coaching is a right fit for you?


Q. “I don’t really know what a coach is. How is it different than therapy, or just talking to my best friend?”

A. Good question! Whereas a therapist will dig into and focus on your past, a coach will support you in creating the future you want for yourself. And while best friends are wonderful, they can be a little biased! A coach is able to remain objective, see things from a perspective that someone close to you simply can’t, and most importantly, is trained in proven methodology and tools to create real change in your life.

Q. “I really want to do this, but it feels like a lot of money…”

A. I totally understand. I always feel that way when I'm about to invest a large sum of money. But you know what? We spend a lot of money on a daily/monthly/yearly basis to feel better about ourselves (new clothes, trips, expensive highlights etc.) It may work for a little while, but then it wears off and it’s on to the next thing. And unlike those highlights that fade, the work we do and the tools you gain from coaching, stay with you forever.

Q. “I totally see the value of the investment in myself, but I just don’t have the full amount available, do you offer payment plans?”

A. Yes. You have the choice to pay fully up front, or in two monthly installments of $440 CAD, or three monthly installments of $300 CAD.

Q. "I’m so in!, but I’m going on vacation and would need to miss a session, is that OK?"

A. Although it’s most effective to do the sessions weekly, life happens, and that’s why we can do the six sessions within an eight week period, just in case something comes up.

Q. “I'm a tough case. I’ve battled with my body for what feels like forever. Will six weeks of coaching make much of a difference?”

A. I’m going to be straight – working on body acceptance is not a quick fix. Expecting yourself to have a whole new mentality after 20 to 30 years of thinking one way, is a tall order for anyone. Coaching for six weeks won’t take you all the way from A to Z. However, what we will do is begin the process and take the first few important steps on a new, positive path. At the end of the six weeks you will come away feeling better about yourself, more confident in your body, and with tools that you can use in your daily life so that in time, change will be INEVITABLE. And since this is a process, you have the option to continue your coaching with me afterwards in a time frequency that works for you, whether in single sessions or via email. Don't worry - I won't leave you hanging!

Q. What if I need to cancel after a couple sessions? What is your Cancellation Policy?

I get that life happens and despite best intentions, you may need to cancel. The Cancellation Policy is as follows:

Cancellation after one session: If paid in full - $650 CAD will be refunded to client. If paid via 2 month installment plan - $240 CAD will be refunded, and subsequent installment will not be charged. If paid via 3 month installment plan - $100 CAD will be refunded, and subsequent installments will not be charged

Cancellation after two sessions: If paid in full - $450 CAD will be refunded to client. If paid via 2 or 3 month installment plans. - No refunds will be given, and subsequent installments will not be charged.

Cancellation after three or more sessions: no refunds will be issued.


Ready to move from body dissatisfaction to body acceptance?