My friend recommended Kristina’s coaching program to me and I really trust my friend’s opinion. I had a consultation with Kristina beforehand which was very helpful. After going through the six weeks of coaching I can say my body doesn’t feel like such a big deal anymore. I’ve learnt how to live my life and not focus on my body. I’ve learnt that I can achieve anything and that it doesn’t matter what I look like. Diet mentality tells you that life only begins when you look a certain way and I’ve learnt that life begins right now. I like that we worked on goals that weren’t specifically related to my body image. It helped me focus on the most important things in my life and gave me the confidence to achieve all the things I’ve put on the back burner.

I would definitely recommend the six week coaching program. It was amazing to have that time for myself each week. It also helped me to develop a calmness about my body that I’ve never had before. I feel a sense of freedom to achieve anything I want. I was also able to work on my internalized weight stigma and truly take care of myself from a place of self-care. I’ve learnt to be more compassionate towards myself and Kristina helped me to focus on things in my life that really matter.
— Dee
I was hesitant to sign-up for personal coaching because I’ve had some negative experiences with previous coaches in the past. I was worried there wouldn’t be any follow up, that it wouldn’t be professional, that the relationship would end without any conclusion or goodbye. But with Kristina - none of this happened! She followed up, was professional, and there was a conclusion to the process which I appreciated.

Kristina promised from the very beginning that she could help me move from A to C. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but the more I think about and explore body acceptance the more I realize that all the years I’ve not accepted myself cannot be undone easily and getting to “Z” will be a lifelong process. In that framework, A to C is actually a lot. I learned a lot and had some wonderful insights during the six weeks.

Now I definitely have more days when I am feeling okay with the ways my body has changed. I have more days when I feel okay about who I am and what is happening in my life. I feel that some days my brain is more peaceful and at ease. I feel like I’ve better been able to find balance in my eating and exercising, and I feel freer and less obsessive.

Kristina is challenging in the best way! She would not give up on me, or let me give up on myself. I need that. I really like the way Kristina constantly offered different perspectives. I appreciated how structured each session was. I appreciated Kristina’s continuous insistence that showing up exactly how you were in that moment was OK and important.

I would definitely recommend doing the six-week coaching with her. I think it delivered exactly what Kristina promised from the very beginning.
— Jaymie
When I was thinking about purchasing the six-week coaching package I was scared that it would be a waste of money, I wanted to make sure that I was using my money wisely. After finishing the six weeks I can say I would 100% recommend it. Kristina is a fantastic coach who has changed the way I think about so many things about myself, she was caring and compassionate and I felt like I discussed the real absolute nitty-gritty of body image issues with her. I really liked the tone of the sessions, and the email access was absolutely invaluable.

Now I feel like I trust my body and myself as a woman more. Kristina always talks about the answers being already inside me, and that makes me really proud and trusting of myself knowing I am holding the answers. She just is on your wavelength and she gives you freedom to talk but also knows when to offer advice. Every time I had an issue she’s found a way to help me come back to my calm and centre. Best decision I’ve made. Women need Kristina in their lives.
— Lois
Initially I was hesitant to sign up for six-weeks of body acceptance coaching because of the time commitment. Between a very demanding work life and a crazy busy family life I was not sure how to fit it into my schedule. Then I realized that my needs must come first and are important. Then it was a clear and simple decision - no hesitation whatsoever!

It was one of the best choices that I have made in my life. Truly. The time commitment along with the flexibility of the actual weekly date and time was wonderful. No stress!! I’m glad I got past this hesitiation because the results were worth it! After completing the six weeks I noticed I was more aware and patient with my body and life in general. I am mindful now of the importance of putting myself first. I start my day, every day, with much more confidence and patience. I am happier with a sense of freedom impacting how I think and feel all day, everyday.

I found the flow of the sessions great and felt at ease to speak freely - each session felt like a safe harbour environment. During the first session Kristina had me set clear goals to work towards over our six weeks together. I found this motivating and really helpful. Kristina was and is very engaging in each of the sessions. Working with me, together, to reach my goals with calmness and clarity. As a coach Kristina has a clear and engaging communication style and overall is an excellent coach, promoting a wonderful sense of being! I would definitely recommend doing this six-week coaching program. It opened my eyes to many new and wonderful life possibilities.
— Marilyn
Prior to working with Kristina I was experiencing symptoms of anxiety and displeasure with my body image and relationship to self. Working with Kristina helped me feel more empowered, and allowed me to go deeper into self-care and self-acceptance. Each session was an invitation to uncover and fold back layers to look at the root causes of my feelings and to see what was driving my behaviour. Kristina is such a competent, knowledgeable, and compassionate individual and someone who has done the work herself, and is therefore able to provide incredible insight and support. She has provided me with clarity and such empowering forward motion. I’m deeply grateful and highly recommend her services to others!
— Kim
Kristina told me if I was committed and did the work my life would change – and it did. At first I was skeptical. I wasn’t sure how it could be done, but little by little with Kristina’s guidance, I began to see myself in a whole new light. I began to see others in a whole new light. Kristina provided me with tools I now use on a daily basis to feel good about myself and confident. Anyone can benefit from the help she can provide, and I highly recommend taking advantage of the opportunity to work with her.
— Amy
I was very often lead to depression, feeling trapped inside my problems and unable to see any positives. When I did the coaching sessions with Kristina I was able to get out of a state of desperation, expand my comfort zone and improve my thinking patterns. Kristina is a great communicator and listener with lots of compassion and genuineness. I felt so comfortable during the sessions expressing my thoughts and frustrations, and Kristina was a wonderful guide throughout.
— Fatima